Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future.



Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future.


A Vision For The Future

Vision – “Why vote for a guy in our city for three years?  He can’t understand our city, what we’ve had, what we want and don’t want to change.  The challenges, the opportunities.” 

Because I understand.  The slogan Preserving the Past, Embracing the Future isn’t just words, it’s our City’s greatest challenge and best opportunity. I am running for City Council At Large because I want to effectively represent your voice while Bellevue continues to improve our cities government in a civil and professional manner and be your voice on the Council.  I want to be one of six representative decision makers, who develop the future for our community, ensure its alignment with your values, and support the vision that you have for the future of your family, your business and yourself. 

Being a leader in the community I live in has always been part of my life.  From serving in the National Guard, growing a business, serving on commissions, mentoring, to supporting the Special Olympics in Europe, Nebraska Humane Society, Omaha Zoo, and local arts I and my family have been involved behind the scenes for 15 years in the Omaha metro area and over 30 years across the United States and overseas.

Now I want to help represent our community out in front.  I want to be a part of how Bellevue grows the right way without losing it’s character.  I want to bring lessons from with I’ve seen in business, in other areas, and in our own area to help make things better.  I want to help preserve our past and our people while embracing the benefits growth with a plan can bring to our city. 


Actionable Issues

It’s incredible how amazing Bellevue is.  From Offutt to Fontenelle Forest, Bellevue University  to our parks Bellevue offers something for everyone.  The problem is everyone is coming and we need to plan for our growth without loosing what we love about our city.


City Services

We need to plan on how to support the hard work our city employees, Fire, and Police put in.  We need a definable plan that dedicates operational funds without crushing our property tax base.

Planning for the Growth of our City
Return the Voice to the Voters

Over the last several months voters voices have been silenced in the City Council Room and in the selecting and removing of their representatives.  Our representatives need to remember that the residents of this city are who they report to and feedback is an important part of the job.

Contribute to a Cause

It’s an unfortunate truth but running for office in the United States requires money.  Lots and lots of money.  I’m willing to fund a great deal of this campaign but we still need you’re help.


About Todd Santoro

I have been Bellevue resident for almost three years and in the Omaha metro area since 2005.  One of my greatest strengths is I have lived across the United States and Europe.  This experience has given me the opportunity to observe and take part in local government in many areas that share our values of honesty and hard work while also seeing different ideas and methods implemented.  My wife Toni and I have been married for 15 years and we have two sons, Nicholas and Michael.  I am the President and Owner of CleanWash Laundry Systems, a proud Nebraska business success story, have 16 years’ service in the National Guard and Army Reserve (enlisted and officer).  I am a Member of Leadership Sarpy (2019-20), a member of the Bellevue Public Safety Foundation Board, and a graduate of the University of Iowa with a Bachelor’s Degree in History as well as Officer Candidate School and US Army Field Artillery Officer Basic Course.

Mission & Values

Mission – My Mission as your elected At Large to the Bellevue City Council is to be a voice for all residents of our city, to continue and boost the professional growth of our Cities government over the last several years, and support our cities services, particularly emergency services, to be the standard other cities are measured against. 

Values – The values I seek to represent are long term mid-western values that should define our city.  Honesty, Hard effective work, civility and professionalism.  By truthfully working to improve the operation of our city with respect for all residents including other elected representatives, city employees, and all our residents we can make Bellevue the best.

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Get Involved

Get Involved – Simply put, no representative can do their job without the support of the people they represent.  We need your help to make Bellevue the city you want.  There’s nothing more important your providing feedback.  First by letting us know what you want from your city.  Call, email, Facebook post; however the method we want to hear.  Second, VOTE!  The most important thing you can do to influence the way our city is run is to vote.  Not just the General Election.  VOTE IN YOUR PRIMARY!!!

Don’t Forget to Vote!

In the 2016 Primary Vote for City Council At Large 5,976 voters cast their votes while almost 19,000 voted in the General Election.  If we’re going to have change we need your vote at the Primary.  

Election Day - May 12, 2020 8am-8pm








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Upcoming Events

Meet and Greet /Fundraiser

March 1st 2020 1-3pm | Ono Pinay Kitchen 2221 Madison St

Join us to offer your feedback and learn more about your candidate for City Council At Large.

C4 – City Council Candidate Coffee

Feb 27th 2020 9-1030 | Downtown Coffee Shop 119 W Mission Ave

We’re working to set up Morning Coffee meetings (afternoon as well just have to figure out what to call it) to hear from you and discuss ideas.  Watch this space for more information.

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