Civility, Transparency, Prosperity – It’s the first point in my platform for a reason. Without these accomplishing anything else becomes impossible.

Civility – Our elected representatives need to treat each other, our city employees, and our voters with respect and appreciation. This doesn’t require a grand plan – You Just Do It! We also need to expect our residents to follow the same mantra but how does that happen if our leaders don’t model the behavior.

Transparency – Our City government performance needs to be easily understood by someone with a high school education. For example, you shouldn’t need accounting classes to understand what’s going on with your tax dollars. We need to develop online graphical Scorecards based on the measurements our residents feel are important to the the health of our community, post them for all to see, and use them to hold our Leaders accountable. This is a fairly common tool businesses and communities use that is available today.

Prosperity – If we can be civil to one another and have the tools to measure and communicate how we’re doing we can start making and implementing the plans that our city needs to grow and still be the place we love. The Ft Crook plan, planning for Downtown, and a myriad of other issues are going to require tough conversations about what we want to be 30 years from now and how we’re going to afford it today.

Civility, Transparency, and Prosperity – That is Step 1 of my mandate. I appreciate your support in this and look forward to your questions and ideas.