Tonight, through no fault of their own, our City Council, Mayor, and Planning Department was stuck making a least worst decision to negatively impact one of our neighborhoods.

The Neighborhood is Normandy Hills and due to poor planning 40+ years ago the residents of that neighborhood whose roads are already overtaxed by Mother Nature and what amounts to a single access point are going to have a development that while very nice and with developers who honestly tried to work with the community is going to add to that burden. Had the City not approved the development the property was already zoned for denser multi-housing and there would have been nothing to legally stop it.

If elected to our City Council one of my first things to do is request an audit of the planning and zoning of our city to recognize areas that are similarly poorly planned and zoned and get ahead of this before it becomes a problem. It might be too late for Normandy Hills but shame on us if we don’t use this as an opportunity to fix things before another neighborhood is impacted.